Things I Now Know As a Mother of Boys

1. The names of just about every single train in the Thomas the Tank Engine stories.

2. Loaders and diggers are not the same things (for one, admittedly biased, view of the differences you could have a quick look at this YouTube video).

3. The correct reaction when your son holds up a slug in his bare hands and asks what it is, the correct reaction is not to shriek and tell him to put it down again (although he has never touched one again…)

4. The correct reaction when your son eats a snail or tries to pull a snail out of its shell is to remain calm – disgust can wait until after you have dealt with the situation.

5. Books about how engines work and the different types of loaders and what they do (hence my knowledge in point 2 above) are very appealing bedtime story material.

6. Sticks and stones are far more entertaining than a whole room full of toys.

7. Weeing is (apparently) a very entertaining activity.

8. There is no greater aspiration (at least for my older son) than growing up to be a car driver.

9. Electronic items are there primarily to be taken apart and inspected to see how they work.

10. Going outside to expend energy is almost as necessary a part of our day as breakfast.

11. Little boy cuddles for mummy are very special things indeed.

(Why yes, that is a slightly blurry picture of James, a Thomas the Tank Engine train character, in the fridge. Is that not a normal thing?)