Hello! I am B – a Christian, wife to J, mother to two great little people, cook, baker, eater and occasional blog post writer.

What’s in a name?

I’d love to describe ‘some, some and some’ as a philosophy of cooking, but the reality is that it is my lazy woman’s approach to preparing food (and the fact that I appear to be almost incapable of following recipes properly). When we were first married and had more time than now, J and I often used to cook together. My approach to preparing food is (and was) to add a bit of whatever seems right in quantities that I usually make up as I go along until I get something relatively close to the taste I have in my mind. So, when J asked me how much of a particular ingredient to add to something my default answer was always ‘some’. It therefore didn’t take long when I set up my first proper blog (a Blogger blog, back in 2009) to come up with a name that simply encapsulates my approach to food – some, some and some. As I’ve added sections other than food, the name has also served a handy second function of indicating that the blog focuses on some of some things and some of other things, largely determined by what fills my days at the moment!


I grew up in Zimbabwe, lived in England for over a decade and have recently moved to New Zealand. In both Zimbabwe and England ingredients are most often measured by weight not volume (I’ve not been in New Zealand long enough to figure out what they do!). However, the cookbook used most often in our house when I was growing up was an American book, The Fannie Farmer, which gives ingredients by volume. I therefore quickly learnt the joys of easy measuring when baking – a habit I have yet to break (and little desire to break any time soon) and the approach of dumping an approximate amount, guessed through the wall of the standard brown glass mug that I use when measuring is required (I avoid non-essential measuring as much as possible) fitted well with my some, some and some approach to cooking and baking (as described above!). If you like more precision than me, the volume of the mugs I use in my recipes on this blog is 250 mls. Most recipes on this blog are developed by me through (sometimes disasterous) trial and error – I’ll let you know in the blog post if a particular recipe is based on another recipe.

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