Help Me Name This Pie…

A recent theme in my kitchen seems to have been pie and pastry. One fine and delicious product of this theme was the Chocolate and Raspberry Tart that I posted last week. However, life can’t all be about chocolate and cream, and I ended up with pastry bases and nothing to fill them with. So I got creative. The aim was a caramel pie, but I ended up with something that tastes a bit like condensed milk, and a bit like butterscotch, and a bit like caramel, and a bit like melk tart (for those who know what that is, for those who don’t, that’s not a misspelling!), all with a hint of maple. It isn’t caramel pie, largely because I did not follow a recipe, but it does taste good.

And now I want to post the recipe, but I can’t because it doesn’t yet have a name. So I’m throwing it open and looking for your inspiration… What do you think I should name this pie? Post your answers in the comments below (and don’t forget to comment if you like someone else’s answer) in the next few days, and hopefully this pie will have a name by the end of the week when I plan to post the recipe. If it helps, the ingredients of the filling are: eggs, butter, cream, milk, white sugar, flour and maple syrup. Here’s a sneak preview…


Looking forward to hearing what you come up with! And now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go do battle with some more pastry…

EDIT: I’ve added a poll in the top of the side bar of this blog (on the right) so you can vote for current suggestions. If you have any new suggestions, give them to me in the comments below, and I’ll add them to the poll.

8 thoughts on “Help Me Name This Pie…”

  1. That sounds good! I had a suggestion of 3.14 on Facebook – apparently the 14th of March is National Pi Day in America. I'll have to see if I can come up with some way of voting…

  2. True, maple syrup isn't very Italian. To me, maple syrup says Canadian loudest of all…but that doesn't give me any inspiration beyond that. Names clearly aren't my strong point!

  3. lol I didn't know we had a National Pie Day. Not surprising…I'm not very good at naming my recipes, unfortunately. Sometimes the best I can come up with is an exclamation point at the end. (CHICKEN NUGGETS!) …have you decided yet? I would probably name it something like, “Maple Cream Pie”. Or “Maple Cream Pie!” 🙂 good luck!

  4. You learn a new thing every day… I think it is National Pi Day not National Pie Day, as in Pi in maths and is intended to promote maths and science. Only a maths teacher would know such things. But surprisingly, the poll at the top of my side bar seems to indicate that it's the most popular so that's probably what it will be. I totally agree with you – the exclamation mark is the easiest!

  5. @HoneySage I was going to edit the poll to add in your Maple Cream Pie and Maple Cream Pie! but it won't let me :(. Thank you for the suggestions though – they are good and so much better than my “can't think of anything so I'll get everyone else to think for me” approach!

  6. Wow, I didn't know we had a National Pi Day either. (Obviously math is not my strong suit!) Well, every day here is National Something or Other Day. It's hard to keep track. I'm sure we have a Pie Day too, somewhere in the year.

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