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Welcome to my little blog and thanks for stopping by! I’m a Christian, a wife, and someone who loves messing around in the kitchen. This blog is primarily a place for me to share various exploits in the kitchen, to make occasional observations on life and my faith, and to share the odd pretty photo. Most of the recipes on this blog are developed through (sometimes disastrous) trial and error using my preferred measure, a brown glass mug with a 250 ml capacity, or my preferred method, some of this and some of that, which my husband affectionately began to refer to as ‘some, some and some’ long before this blog was a twinkle at my fingertips.

To contact me, please email somesomeandsome[at]gmail.com or find me on Twitter – @somesomeandsome.

As a side note – I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t use any photos or text from this site without first checking that I’m okay with whatever you’re going to use it for. Thank you!