Hi! I am Bex, a Christian, wife, mother and a coeliac, living in beautiful New Zealand. This blog is a space where I (occasionally) write thoughts about my Christian faith, bits about my family life and records of my kitchen experiments.

I used to blog, a lot. You can see most of my old blog posts if you go far enough back on this site. And then life happened and I lost my enthusiasm for blogging and got out of the habit. It was good to have a break from blogging, although over the years I toyed with the idea of picking it back up again. And then towards the end of 2019, I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. Coeliac disease is an auto-immune disease that means my body has an immune response to the consumption of gluten – the main protein in wheat, barley and rye. In the short term, I react to eating gluten with vomiting, nausea, tiredness, mouth ulcers and general grumpiness. Short term symptoms for people with coeliac disease vary hugely. However, for all coeliacs in the long term, gluten consumption results in the flattening of intestinal villi, and can cause a variety of health complications including malabsorption problems like anaemia, B12 deficiency and osteoporosis, increased risk of certain cancers and infertility/fertility issues. The treatment for coeliac disease is a lifelong gluten free diet – something that is actually incredibly hard in Western society where gluten is ubiquitous.

Before my coeliac diagnosis, I loved getting creative in the kitchen and so, although I was gutted by my diagnosis and need to go gluten free (gluten makes food awesome – especially bread!) the challenge also created a new enthusiasm for cooking and baking and knocked me out of the food rut I had been in for months. I have many recipes written on index cards and random bits of paper and then scribbled over as I have tweaked ingredients. My two big kids have even created recipe books for me and I keep them, along with a wadge of those random bits of paper with recipes in a dedicated part of the pantry. However, paper gets lost and it is sometimes nice to have a picture to remind me which particular creation a recipe belongs to. And so I have drifted back towards blogging, primarily as a record of my gluten free experiments in the kitchen and for future inspiration for those moments when I need to cook or bake but can’t think of anything. And if, along the way, anyone else finds my content helpful then that’s a bonus!

As a side note – I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t use any photos or text from this site without first checking that I’m okay with whatever you’re going to use it for. Thank you!

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