Sides and Salads

Green Salad

Of all food dislikes, the one that seems to be most prevalent amongst the people I know is for raw tomato. And in just about every case, the individuals involved answer the dinner invitation question about whether there is anything they don’t eat with a sheepish answer, assuming that I’ve never come across their particular… Continue reading Green Salad

Halloumi Salad

Quite a few years ago, J and I had holiday flights that transited in Qatar. On the way back we had quite a few hours in Qatar airport, which was quite an experience as, at the time, the airport was undergoing a massive renovation project. The airport (at the time) was rather small with few… Continue reading Halloumi Salad

Paprika Potato Wedges

A number of years ago, I had some potato wedges that were delicious. They were crispy on the outside with a spicy flavour, and soft in the middle. I don’t know exactly what the spices on the outside were, but paprika was the flavour that stood out most strongly to me. Although I’ve yet to… Continue reading Paprika Potato Wedges