Lockdown – Day 15


“Find some clothes without holes in them.” Those were my instructiobs for the kids as we got to leave the house today for a medical appointment. It was a day of great excitement – we were going out! Breakfast was eaten quickly and enthusiastically – we were going out! I needed to dress up for the occasion – where had my jeans with no knee-holes gone? The boys were excited too – I only had to nag them to get dressed three times and threaten twice though their teeth were brushed with no complaints or delays on this glorious morning, in which we were going out! The twins complained as I dressed them – they did not understand the importance of today. But they would see something was up when we got in the car – then only their dismay at being reacquainted with their car seats would dampen our spirits on a day when we were leaving the house. We were going to get to see real other people not virtual ones. There was a moment of concern and delay while I hunted out the neglected car keys. It took even longer finding my driving licence. I didn’t fancy trying to explain why I was on an essential errand to the police without my licence, al though speaking to a real person, in person, if the police did stop me would definitely be a bonus. And then at last – we were ready. We gathered round our front door in anticipation. We were going out!

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