Seven Randoms

1. I love chocolate way more than I should. Which is why I just picked all the chocolate confectionary out of some pick ‘n’ mix leftover from Saturday when J (my husband) and I went to a movie. It’s a good thing that we recognise in this household that I eat way more chocolate than J does.

2. Speaking of chocolate, one of my sisters made some beautiful chocolate ducks as favours for the wedding one of my other sister’s just over a year ago. They were awesome. And in the process she learnt to temper chocolate. I still don’t know how to temper chocolate.

3. But I do know how to play around with melted chocolate and various fillings, including a chocolate truffle type filling, to come up with filled chocolate things. Maybe one day I’ll get round to posting how to do that.

4. I’m due to finish my PhD in September. I don’t know what job I’ll do when I finish but I am nervous and excited about what God has in store for my life.

5. Speaking of the PhD, I’m currently working on the first draft of my last big chapter. And it’s taking a long time. And I am desperate to finish. Sigh. But for now I just have to keep plodding on.

6. My wonderful husband has bought me flowers twice recently, because he knows how much I’m struggling with my work. Here’s a peak at my current bunch:


7. Taking pictures of yellow flowers by the yellow light of our living room light does not work very well. That’s one reason to look forward to the long days of natural light in summer…

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