One of the first houses J and I lived in was tiny – there was about a metre from the chair on one side of the living room to the little sofa on the other side. And I used to think something along the lines of, “If only we had a slightly bigger house, I’d feel more able to invite people round, as I wouldn’t worry about them being too squashed.” About a year after moving into that house, we moved to another house. That one was bigger, but I still found myself wishing for more living space, and a slightly bigger sofa, and room for a dining table… The next move involved not only a new house but a new part of the country, to the house we live in currently. Although I’ve always appreciated the space we have in this house, at times I again found myself wishing for material things I don’t have and worrying about what people might think about those I do have. I’m learning that it is very easy to focus on material things – to want a house that’s a bit bigger, a car that’s a bit nicer, a job that pays a bit more – and to lose sight of more important things, like serving God and appreciating the people that I’m blessed to have in my life.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with dreams and aspirations, I’ll probably never be satisfied if I don’t learn contentment as part of my attitude to life as I have it now. I’m challenged to change my general attitude from a desire for bigger, better, faster, to one of contentment – appreciating and giving thanks to God for the blessings He’s given me today. I want to become someone who’s first focus is relationships – with God, with my husband and family, with my friends, with those around me, and someone who appreciates both the people and the stuff in my life right now. It’s a slow process, but I think I’m getting somewhere. How about you?

Oh yes, and it’s even better if I get to enjoy sunrises like this with my loved ones along the way…


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