Dear Blog

Dear Blog,

I just want to let you know that I still love you, although I barely give you any attention these days. I recall those halcyon days of last year, when I aimed to blog at least once every week, and even just about managed it. My blog readership went up and I had an outlet for my kitchen experimentation and an audience for my occasionally good photos and my not-too-bad writing.

And then…the camera broke. I started working full time. We moved to a house where we still have no internet. I had my PhD viva and need to do corrections to my thesis. And life got busy. But mostly I was camera-less. And well…my blog without photos just doesn’t feel right. So, I’m just writing to let you know that I still love you and I haven’t forgotten you, and if everything works out with borrowing my brother’s camera this weekend and with buying a new camera when we finally get the internet at home, I hope to spend more time with you. But until then, please be patient, and I hope you understand.

Love B

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