Happy New Year!

This is just a very quick post to say happy new year! Last year my blog posting was very erratic, as I adjusted to being a parent and had to start learning to live on broken sleep (10 months on and I’m still holding on to the hope that a full night’s sleep will be mine again, though for now I’d settle for five or six hours in a row!). I thoroughly enjoyed, and am very grateful for, the time I’ve had to get to know Baby S without distractions such as work, and, to a certain extent, blogging (as I did not aim to post regularly), but sadly that time has come to an end as the new year has seen my return to work. With the changes that has brought, I find myself at a point of uncertainty with blogging – I’m reluctant to stop blogging on Some, Some and Some, but have a number of other ideas flying round my head and am not yet sure what to concentrate on. For now, I’m probably just going to aim to post when I can and see how things go. And the first of those attempts is currently being written, so, hopefully, if you return back next weekend, there will be a new recipe post for your perusal! In the mean time, I hope those of you returning to work tomorrow for the first time after Christmas have a great week!

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