Gluten Free Brownies

I am very aware that brownies are a staple of gluten free baking and another recipe is probably not required. However, I am going to pop my recipe here so I don’t lose it in the future and because I like it – it has a crispy top, a squidgy middle and only requires cocoa… Continue reading Gluten Free Brownies

Millionaire’s Shortbread AKA Caramel Slice (Gluten Free)

Many years ago, I discovered Twix Bars and absolutely loved them. And then I discovered millionaire’s shortbread, which is basically Twix Bars but better. I then found a recipe so could make them myself and it was marvellous…until my coeliac diagnosis. But not anymore! Last year, I came up with this recipe and millionaire’s shortbread… Continue reading Millionaire’s Shortbread AKA Caramel Slice (Gluten Free)