Friends and Decorated Sugar Cookies

I am blessed to be part of a small group of friends that get together to bake, cook or generally mess around with food every so often. On Tuesday it was my turn to host, and my turn to choose what we’d be doing. I decided that the evening’s activity would be decorating sugar cookies, something I’ve seen on lots of blogs but never attempted myself. Armed with sugar cookies that I’d made earlier, royal icing courtesy of a special recipe book that my Mum handed down to me, and inspiration from here, here and here, we set to work. The photos below show our finished cookies (apologies – some of the pictures were taken late at night with artificial kitchen lighting so they’re not brilliant). I think we deserve at least an A for effort, though perhaps a little more practice is required. And a bit more work to get the icing the right consistency.

I didn’t get process photos as the cookies and icing were made, so that will have to wait for another post (perhaps a little way into the future as it will take us a while to work our way through the share of cookies that were left behind when everyone else had taken their’s). Maybe by then, my icing technique will also have improved a bit! Until then, check out Amanda’s blog for a Sugar Cookie 101, including cookie and icing recipes. Whilst we may not be about to win any cookie decorating awards, this was a fun way to spend an evening with friends, and get in touch with our creative sides.

IMG_8648 IMG_8655 IMG_8656 IMG_8660  IMG_8667



IMG_8675 IMG_8678 IMG_8670

If you were there and I’ve managed to not put in any photos of your cookies, or your creations are under-represented, please let me know. I may need you to send me a photo or two of the lovely cookies that you took home with you so I can ensure equal representation for all – no discrimination intended here!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yay! Such a fun evening! Lucy

  2. B says:

    I know! Looking forward to the next one at yours!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wish I could be a young adult and be part of your lovely group. Love your blog. X Kathie X

  4. B says:

    Thank you Kathie! I am very blessed to have that group of friends.

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