Cinnamon Apple Peanut Butter Pizza

GF DFO My original plan for the post that is now this recipe was a recipe for flourless peanut butter biscuits. And then I accidentally put double the number of eggs I had intended in the bowl and only realised my mistake after I’d added the other ingredients. So I decided to see what IContinue reading “Cinnamon Apple Peanut Butter Pizza”

Mince in Potato Skins

These potato skins are a great way to use up leftover mince. You can either use leftover baked potatoes and scale quantities according to the number of potatoes you have, or you can pop extra potatoes in the oven when you’re baking whole potatoes for a different meal and save them for this. This makesContinue reading “Mince in Potato Skins”

Granola Biscuits (Gluten Free, Oat Free, Dairy Free Option)

These biscuits (or cookies if you prefer that terminology!) are full of tasty goodness, like cranberries, seeds, coconut, and chocolate chips. They are crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle. This recipe makes about 24 biscuits, depending on how big you make them. The cup measurements below are based on a 250 mlContinue reading “Granola Biscuits (Gluten Free, Oat Free, Dairy Free Option)”

Stuffed Buns (Gluten Free)

If you’re looking for gluten free lunchbox inspiration, hopefully I have something for you in this recipe! These airy buns can be stuffed with whatever you like, although I highly recommend lots of cheese is included with any other ingredients! Although these taste best served warm from the oven, they can be wrapped once coolContinue reading “Stuffed Buns (Gluten Free)”